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Tracking Systems

RFID based tracking for high volume scanning applications both at the manufacturing point and in the warehouse.

EZ Track

With years in developing software for data tracking and RFID technologies integration, we proved ourselves in Automation and Logistics with customers worldwide. EZ Track is EZ Systems’ automated asset and inventory tracking solution. EZ track assists organizations and warehouses convert traditional tracking systems into RFID-based systems.

EZ Track provides central databases, custom dashboards, and integration with hardware such as tag printer and scanners. EZ Track can integrate to ERP systems like SAP to overcome complex asset management challenges. EZ Track can be a standalone on cart solution or fully integrated to the production line or warehouse floor.

Transform your asset tracking into an automated system

We implement turnkey track and trace solutions to meet compliance and traceability requirements following global standards (i.e. GS1). Our solutions helps in locating critical assets in a timely manner with high accuracy while reducing labor and errors. Our solutions has the capability to provide a fully automated tracking system using integrated visual inspection.

We are dedicated to providing unique engineered solutions to support our customer’s need for asset tracking. We develop device-agnostic solutions (integrates and works with many different types of sensors) to allow a heterogeneous sensor environment.