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EZ Automation Systems, LLC

About Us

We pride ourselves on working as a partner with clients to leverage existing technology investments and bridge them together for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

EZ Automation Systems, LLC (dba: EZ Systems, LLC) is a technology company specializing in vision, automation and software integration solutions for corporate research, logistics, manufacturing and government agencies.

Established in 2005 and with over a century of combined vision and integration experience, our machine vision and image processing algorithms have inspected over 10 billion parts in the US and Europe. This expertise allows us to couple cutting edge techniques and technologies to build solutions that align with your organization’s performance goals and objectives.

Providing innovative, cost effective, turnkey manufacturing solutions that guarantee success.

We design and build automated inspection systems for 2D / 3D dimensional measurement, color measurement, defect detection, defect classification, as well as character recognition and verification. We deploy off-the-shelf, custom applications, reporting tools and middle-ware to integrate our solutions to the manufacturing plant floor and the enterprise ERP, QMS (Quality Management Systems) and other business systems.

Our complete applications capabilities, for both the enterprise and the plant floor, includes: web services, desktop and mobile solutions, database and adhoc reports, M2M connectors, event monitoring and notification, PLC/HMI Integration and embedded (IoT) systems.

Core Competencies

Non-contact, on-line machine vision systems for the automotive, aircraft, electronics, pharmaceutical & medical industries.

Automated machine vision systems, sensors & software development to improve productivity for manufacturing operations.

Quality control checks, OCR (optical character recognition) and batch sorting applications.

Automated integrated multiple-camera machine vision equipment & systems.

Utilizing the capabilities offered by technologies based on OPENSOURCE solutions.

Taking advantage of Emerging Technologies to provide state-of-the-art solutions.

Quality control checks, OCR (optical character recognition) and batch sorting applications.


Experience You Can Count On!

Our team of highly trained, engaged and capable engineers and scientists thrive on solving the difficult and impossible problems to tackle your most challenging tasks. With over 10 billion devices inspected, it’s no wonder why our clients continue to rely on us for our expertise and unsurpassed professionalism, support and quality.

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Beyond Vision... We Deliver Results!

Our integrated vision and software solutions are enablers for continuous process improvement efforts, performance metrics (such as OEE) and quality objectives. We configure, program and connect to PLC’s, HMI’s and other control layer systems and devices to provide turn key integrated intelligence and vision solutions.

Much of our work involves advanced vision applications and customized algorithm development for the medical devices industry. This demanding environment requires full compliance with FDA regulations, manufacturing support, and product research and development. We also support and provide traceability compliance solutions for the Unique Device Identification (UDI) FDA initiatives.

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