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Frequently Asked Questions

What industries do you specialize in?

EZ Systems is a vision first technology provider that builds solutions for production and enterprise integration. Our algorithms have inspected over 10 billion devices in the US and Europe. With experience like this, we guarantee value to provide sound solutions to your most challenging applications.

From Pharmaceutical to Logistics, Manufacturing through to Continuous Process Industries and Universal Research, EZ Systems helps achieve consistent quality control and improved performance for a seemingly endless range of industries.

What is the EZ Systems proposal process?

EZ Systems is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for your company. Because of that we spend considerable time during the initial inquiry process, getting as many questions answered as possible so that we can determine your exact application needs up-front. Through our in-depth process we are able to provide you with a more complete, accurate and quicker quotation.

One of our sales associates will contact you to discuss the requirements, challenges, and/or issues. This gives us the opportunity to ask additional questions specific to your unique project in order to get a clear understanding of your needs.

After the information is gathered, your sales associate will discuss the details of your project with EZ Systems project engineers to determine feasibility of your requirements. If there are any questions that the team has at this point, your sales associate will be in touch with you to get those answered. If our project engineers have a clear picture on the scope of your project we’ll schedule a meeting with you and any invested parties to go over the project and make sure nothing is overlooked.

Once all parties are clear on every aspect of the project, a formal proposal will be presented. EZ Systems takes pride in our approach to providing our customers with the best solutions for their application needs.

How much does it cost to contract EZ Systems?

At EZ Systems we understand that cost is always top-of-mind for clients. We promise that through our initial proposition process, we do our best to gather all the information necessary to provide you with an accurate quote for your project. Proof of principle phase can be provided based on the complexity of the application before committed to a full development project.

At EZ Systems, we look at each project as a unique one, dependent on the needs of each customer and project, a unique proposal is provided to review. We provide fixed price proposals and time and material proposals.

The sales associates at EZ Systems are experts in the field and are here to work with you on your project’s requirements and budgetary considerations.

What processes are used to develop suitable systems for our company?

EZ Systems works diligently to develop the exact system your company requires. Our proven process helps to eliminate potentially costly snags that could develop during the progress of the application development.

Our specialized team researches and tests various applications in order to present you with the best and most precise solution to meet your requirements, budget, and timeline.

We provide a specific and detailed quote for the entirety of your project which would include everything needed from project kick-off to delivery and training. Once we receive authorized approval from your company, we assemble an EZ Systems team dedicated to the development of your application. We provide after-sale support to ensure our customer’s continuous satisfaction.

What are the advantages of working with EZ Systems?

We can help you find solutions for inspection, defect detection, guidance, tracking, identification or even quantify surface displacement measurements on components of various sizes and shapes. We specialize in integrating new technologies to meet our clients needs. At EZ Automation Systems we strive to deliver the expected functionality, on-time, and at a fair cost to our customer.

The best part of working with EZ Systems is that we are here to support you in every phase of your project and for future needs as well. We build lasting relationships with our customers and can be relied on for all your training needs and integrations. Contact EZ Systems to get started on your application process today!